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“Enthusiastic passion – the energy, fuel that keeps me going”
Maha Comianos

About Me

Visual creativity and self expression … synthesizing painting, photography and design to express and cultivate emotion … thriving to intrigue the inner self

With eight years of experience in the design industry, Maha Comianos transforms her knowledge and expertise into creative imagery.  studio MAHA offers services in architectural, interior, and product photography.  With an extensive background in art and design, Maha has incorporated her unique concepts while working with major design firms.  From these experiences, Maha brings an artistic eye with an understanding of space, details, and capturing the uniqueness in every project.

Maha Comianos is an artist | photographer | designer. A San Jose State University Fine Arts graduate, Maha worked in San Francisco for 5 years before moving to San Diego where she currently works and resides. 

studio MAHA Client List:
3 Form | Brandkarma, LLC | Carrier Johnson + Culture |Crossville inc | HKS architects | introspekt| IIDA  | j+j Invision | Miller Design| Mohawk Group | Point of Departure architecture | Scripps Health care | Smart Design Commercial Interiors | SoCal Audio Video | studio SURFACE | Stacy Buckley | Ware Malcomb Architects 



Maha Comianos offers services in Architectural, Interior, and Product Photography. From her art and design experiences Maha brings an artistic eye with an understanding of space, finding details and capturing the uniqueness in design.

Fine Art

From Photographic fine arts to Multi media paintings on Canvas. Check some of the artwork here


Take control of your camera and make the viewer the prelude to your canvas with discussions about: Photography fundamentals + Principles of Design in photography + Camera functions and controls + Manual Mode vs. Automatic mode + Lenses + Lighting + Exposure + Aperture +Shutter speed + Composition + and much more!



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