project scope

We will discuss the scope of the project and accompanying parameters, the number of images needed, and if any additional parties will be participating.

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Schedule the  photoshoot

For the next stage, we will select a date and set-up a timeline, organize scouting and preparing the site, as well as discuss the style of images.



We will arrive onsite with appropriate cameras, lenses, lighting, and equipment and Capture the agreed upon project. Throughout the photoshoot, the cameras will be linked to a computer for on the spot reviewing if a client chooses. In addition, the photographer will be sure to document not only what is discussed, but will also capture any additional angles and shots that seem important to the project. Proofs will be delivered shortly after for the client to select their favorites.

studioMAHA edits



We will comb through the contact sheets with the client to select the best images for their needs. From there, we will edit the selected photos from their original format, making sure lighting is perfect and editing out any unwanted elements. For example, if we are documenting your office and you wish that water fountain from 1986 was not in that shot, we can remove that. We will deliver the final high-resolution images electronically with any additional edits requested.